1 in 10 cyber roles are held
by women in Canada.
We can change that.

The military wants to increase the number of women enrolling in Canada’s Cyber Defence. But to do that, they need to know why women aren’t joining in the first place.

Calian Ltd. and the Veteran Friendly Transition Program have teamed up to help figure out why. We need to better understand the barriers facing women in Cyber Defence.

Please take a moment to complete this short survey. Let’s engage more women in Canada’s Cyber Defence.

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Don’t work in Cyber? Even more important! Why not? It’s a tremendous career that offers stability and growth, with good paying salaries and above average benefits.

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We're working with the military to help them recruit more women.



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What People Say


“We can’t afford to have another generation of women excluded from an entire industry just because there’s a perception that Cyber is only open to men. Now is the time to engage women in Canada’s Cyber Defence”

~ Rima Aristocrat ~ Founder of the Veteran Friendly Transition Program and President of Willis College

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